How to use custom screen resolution in your game ?


Staff member
Sometimes existing screen resolutions doesn't fit your needs. You can add a custom screen resolution to your game.

- Download Custom Resolution Utility (CRU).
- Extract and launch CRU.exe


- Select your monitor from dropdown box. (Generally already selected)


- Now in Detailed Resolutions section, click on Add.


- Now in Active section, enter your custom Horizontal and Vertical Resolution and click on Ok. For example, you want 1600*710


- Click Ok again to close the application and restart your computer.
- Now open game, and go to Options > Video Settings
- Click on Resolution option, now you should see your custom resolution listed here.
- Select your resolution and Click on apply to save the changes.

Note: Do not touch any other settings in Custom Resolution Utility (CRU) application unless you know what are you doing.


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