ClientMod How to use a video as a menu background ?


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You can use a video as a menu background.

- Download attached file and extract it.
- Copy all the files customingame.html, custom.html, and video.mp4 into bin_clientmod/cef/html/background folder.
- If you want your own video as a background, then rename your video video.mp4.
Copy & replace your video.mp4 in bin_clientmod/cef/html/background folder.
- Restart your game.

Note: You can use only one HTML file to use background video. The main difference is :
customingame.html - The video will appear only when you are not connected to any server.
custom.html - The video will appear all the time.
If you have copied both HTML files. The file customingame.html is given first priority.


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WiLl It MaKe Me lag or Opening Clientmod WIll TAke TImE?????
i have windows 10 intel core 2 duo 2 gb ram no graphic card 56 mb vram (ikr im brokE)
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