1. Vertigo

    How to protect your server from Single IP DoS attacks ?

    These 2 simple iptables rules will protect your server from most of the single IP DoS attacks. If your server port is not 27015, then change the --dport parameter in below commands. iptables -A INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport 27015 -m state --state NEW -m recent --set --name DEFAULT --mask...
  2. bornforgaming3201

    Server Protection : How to Protect Your Server From Hackers and DDOSERS

    Server Protection : How to Protect Your Server From Hackers and DOSERS Description : Hi , Today i will tell you how to Protect Your Server From Hackers and dosers. I will tell you all methods and also give you best Anti-Cheat to Protect Your Server. I hope you will like it. We are doing...
  3. X

    Solved Plugin codes needed?

    http://risserver.ddns.net/forum/resources/dos-protect-for-cssv34-windows-server.91/ My base plugin that i am going to use is the above one. I am making a plugin such that whenever someone ddos a server, any client in server can type !ddos and then the plugin automatically detects the...
  4. X

    DoS Protect for CSSv34 Windows Server

    XTreme killer submitted a new resource: DDOS Protection - DOS PROTECT Read more about this resource...
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