Fire in the Hole : Nade Names

Fire in the Hole : Nade Names 1.2

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Fire in the hole! : Show grenade type

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Features :
  • When a grenade is being thrown, show the grenade type after the "Fire in the hole!" message.
  • Can be useful to know who flashed (not necessarily YOU being flash; i.e. if someone complain).

Known bugs/exploits :
  • None at the moment. Please report if you find any.

CVars :
  • grenadetypeversion
  • grenadetype_hegrenadename : Name of HE grenades ("HEGrenade" by default).
  • grenadetype_flashbangname : Name of flashbangs ("Flashbang" by default).
  • grenadetype_smokename : Name of smoke grenades ("Smoke" by default).

Installlaltion :
  • Place "fireintheholegrenadetype.phrases.txt" in "translations" folder.
  • Place smx in sourcemod/plugins folder
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